We’ve put years of engineering into WaterLily, and rigorously test each unit. Plus, with just one moving part, it is unlikely that you will ever need to clean your unit. However, if you are worried about possible sediment or iron build-up, regular use in saltwater, or if the turbine is not spinning freely, just follow these easy steps to clean your WaterLily in just a few minutes. This method works the same with both USB and 12v WaterLily models.


Step 1:

Flip over your WaterLily, and remove the 4 screws and mounting wires using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2:

Pop the top off of the unit. Remove the nose cone, and lift out the turbine blades.

Step 3:

Inspect and wipe down each component as needed.

Step 4:

Replace blades concave side up, and align the power cable with the lid of the turbine.

Step 5:

Screw in the nose cone and lanyards, being careful not to over tighten the screws.

Step 6:

Give it a spin! Your WaterLily should now be all clean - Now get out there and recharge with nature!

*Note: WaterLily uses a standard bearing. If you are having issues with your bearing please get in touch with us for details on a replacement bearing.

Please click here for a video tutorial on how to clean your WaterLily: